Celluma™ Pain Relief

Want to find relief from pain and discomfort? We can help with the Celluma™ LED light panel.

Discover State-of-the-art, Energy-based Care

Healthcare today is on the move from an antiquated chemical-based model to an energy- based paradigm. We believe that the NASA researched Celluma technology, which is FDA-cleared for pain, is at the forefront of energy-based health care.

Because this therapy is natural and noninvasive, there are no negative side effects or reactions to treatment. Celluma is not only effective but completely safe.

Experience Pain Relief and Healing

Experience Pain Relief and HealingFor those patients with aches and pains, or cuts and unsightly bruises that require care, Celluma is scientifically proven to relieve pain and regenerate damaged tissue.

For wound healing, multiple wavelengths are used that cause a process called angiogenesis that assists in wound healing and healing of bruises. Then a much higher wavelength of 880 nanometers is used — which is near infrared — to decrease inflammation and reduce pain.

Through the Semper Fi Fund, Wounded Warrior Project® makes Celluma available to the nation’s most severely wounded veterans.

Typical treatment time is 30 minutes. With the highly relaxing treatment under the lights, most patients tend to feel a deep sense of relaxation and even fall asleep. When Celluma is used over the face, you will need to cover your eyes. If you have your own safety eyewear, you can bring it in, or we have some here for you to use.

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